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PNNL: Institutional Computing

PNNL Institutional Computing


The PNNL Institutional Computing (PIC) program at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) is focused on Laboratory needs and DOE missions. It is designed to advance scientific discovery and have impact on PNNL mission areas. PIC is part of PNNL's overall computing strategy that nurtures a culture of computational science. The PIC program offers cost-effective computing services to PNNL scientists and engineers.

The PIC program is focused on two related areas:

  • PIC grants PNNL researchers access to PIC base capability resources at no cost via a lightweight proposal process. The base capability is not intended to replace programmatic investment in computing equipment and services.
  • PIC is designed to be an attractive alternative to dedicated programmatic investment in standalone computing capabilities. Projects are able to invest in equipment that benefits from the base capability to lower equipment acquisition and maintenance costs. Additionally, an investment results in non-competitive access to PIC proportional to the level of investment.

Download the latest news about Constance, PIC’s new supercomputing system.

PNNL Institutional Computing (PIC)


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