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Research Computing provides a range of Laboratory-funded and cost-effective services and hardware offerings to individual staff, projects, and programs at PNNL. This model allows us to continually reinvest in infrastructure and offerings to grow and support evolving research needs.

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Service Offerings

HPC Cycles

Core hours consumed through a batch queue system.

Simple Storage

High performance storage available to HPC resources and end user desk tops. The storage is configured for resiliency, but is not backed up.

Basic Storage

Generally used for home directories and provides daily snapshots to guard against accidental deletion.

Archive Storage

Largely magnetic tape based, this system provides cost effective, long term storage, large and small.

Cloud Allocation

A quota or reservation of memory on a private cloud.

Cloud Storage

Storage in the private cloud.

Developer Central

Enterprise-grade software services and standards-based tools for software project management, code repositories, and automated build systems (e.g., Jira, Confluence, Git, etc.).


Platform for conducting rigorous, transparent, and replicable testing of theories, tools, and technologies.

Large Data Transfers

Resources available to support moving large quantities of data.


Designed specifically for research instruments, allows quick and easy access your research data where and when you need it most.

Consulting Resources

Technical Consulting

Subject matter experts are available to help researchers select and architect appropriate solutions.

Proposal & Grant Support

Resources to assist and/or advise when developing proposals.

Data Management & Planning

Experts to assist in developing and implementing data management solutions.

PNNL Institutional Computing


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