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Research Computing Software

Subject matter experts are available to help support and connect researchers needing an S&T computing solution. This includes getting started with storage, archive, clusters, testbeds, networks, large data transfers, and virtual servers.

Resources are also available to assist researchers in areas such as software architecture, quality, and cyber security.

Research Computing software infrastructure:

  • Compilers: Intel, Portland Group, Lahey, CUDA, OpenCL, GNU
  • Performance tools: MKL, Vtune, Tau
  • MPI OpenMPI, MVAPICH2, Intel
  • DebuggersTotalview, ReplayEngine, GDB
  • VisualizationVisit, Paraview
  • Scientific Libraries Global Arrays, NetCDF, PETSc
  • Domain Specific NWChem, eSTOMP, GridLab-D, OpenFOAM, WRF, CP2K
  • System Software Redhat, SLURM, modules, Ganglia, Windows HPC
  • Cluster Software Rocks, OpenStack, Eucalyptus

Projects may request additional software

Open Source software: Research Computing will install requested Open Source software as needed.

Commercial software: Typically, third party software packages provide a license server. If so, Research Computing would intend to host that server if possible: e.g., StarCD, ANSYS, etc.

Research Computing software requests must be of benefit to multiple projects, otherwise the individual project will be expected to pay the cost.

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